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Press: Man Repeller

Man Repeller: Trend Spotting: Lady Bowners, For the Neck

Nothing gets a man’s copulatory organ more aroused than the prospect of banging a girl whose dressed like him. For this reason alone “borrowed from the boys” trends have been a recurring theme on The Man Repeller since its establishment last April. From boyfriend jeans to brogues to Wall Street wear and then to the temple topper, I’ve almost exhausted every aspect of the trend. Today though, we pay homage to woman-wood in the form of the newest–and coincidentally my favorite–borrowed from the boys trend: the bow tie. Cue the Lady Bowner.

In this trend-spotting piece, instead of drawing inspiration from the street style blogs that act as confirmation re: women forfeiting their L2Fs (Licenses to Fuck) for fashion, today we also look to passed runways, editorials, ads and some trendy celebrities for juice.

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